Frequently Asked Questions

Health Care FAQ

Does Medicare cover my stay for rehab?
Medicare covers 20 days in full and another 80 days with a co pay as long as the patient has a qualified 3 day hospital stay in the last 30 days and a skill.

What is a "skill"?
A "skill" is the services we will be performing and billing Medicare for. For example, IV therapy, PT, OT are all different skills we could bill for.

What items should I bring from home?
Please bring a copy of your social security card, Medicare card, insurance card vand all advanced directives you have completed. This includes DNR order, Living Will, Health Care Surrogate appointment, Power of Attorney appointment. Also, please bring the following personal items: Comfortable clothing, pajamas and slippers, comfortable, non-skid shoes, your preferred health and beauty items (such as a brush/comb, razor, soaps/ shampoos, toothbrush, etc.)

What are the visiting hours?
Our visiting hours are liberal. You may visit at any time. We do have times when it is more difficult to gain entrance to our building due to security reasons. There is a phone outside the building that you can use to gain entrance with our security guard. Children and Pets are always welcome to visit.

Can mom/dad get their hair done while she/he is there?
Yes, we have a salon on site for your convenience. The services at the salon are not covered under Medicare benefits and are an out of pocket expense for the patient. You may call the salon directly for an appointment.

Do I need to bring mom's/ dad's medication from home?
No, under most circumstances we cannot accept medications from home. The medications we have to use must be packaged for our facility with detailed instructions. All medications must be approved by the patient's primary physician.

Do you have phones in the patient rooms?
Yes, in most of the patient rooms we have phones with local services available.

Do you have TV in the patient rooms?
Yes, in most of the patient rooms we have TVs with basic cable.

Do you have a private room for my mom/ dad?
We have very few private rooms; therefore they stay full with a waiting list.

How soon will I start therapy after admission?
Therapy will evaluate 24 to 48 hours after admission. We have therapist available 6 days a week. The duration and frequency of your therapy depends on what you can tolerate and what your physician orders.

Assisted and Independent Living Community FAQ

How old is your building?
Our building was constructed in 1984.

What is your policy on smoking?
We are a smoke free community.

Can I bring my pet?
In the Poinsettia Apartments dogs and cats are permitted. In the Tower building only cats are permitted. There is a one time pet charge.

What are the qualifications for residency?
You must be 62 years of age and financially stable.

Are there any endowment fees?
No. We are a rental community. We do have a one time Community Fee of $750.00.

Where are the Assisted Living Apartments located?
In the Tower Building.